Ringo Sales Post


Sales Permission:

Sales Permission
Granted July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon
All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
My Feedback can be found HERE
I will not sell to non-members or members who have been banned

*please read below*
I ship from PA USA
Shipping is via USPS
I ship internationally.
International shipping starts at about $13.50 (depending on the country).
Domestic U.S. shipping for one pokedoll sized item is around $3
All items will be shipped within two weeks of cleared payment
Should I experience a delay, I will be in contact with you.
Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it. I will keep proof of shipment in my records.

Please have your address in your paypal payment. If you don't have your address in your paypal payment, I can't get you the cheapest price for shipping. Some of the shipping options can't be bought on the USPS site, but are available through paypal shipping labels. If your address is not in your payment I will have to choose a more expensive shipping option when I buy the label online.

Quotes: *please read*
To speed things up I will list the weight of each item so that people can calculate a rough total to see how much an item will cost.
Please note that the weight of the shipping envelope/polybag depends on what I have available and will add about an ounce to the shipping weight (for single items).
Price + shipping + Paypal fees = total
1. Check the shipping at https://postcalc.usps.com/ , type in 'From' zip code 80016, and your zip code.
2. Click 'Calculate price based on Shape and Size', type in the weight in onces and click 'Package'.
3. Note the first-class shipping price.
4. Add the shipping price to the item price, note that 'Base total'.
5. Go to http://finalfeecalc.com/2016-paypal-fee-calculator/ and enter the total.
6. Notice the 'Amount after Fees'.
7. Increase the amount until the 'Amount after Fees' matches the base total from step 4.
That is your rough quote. Once you commit I will use these same steps to give you your total.


All prices are in USD.
Prices do not include fees or shipping, unless stated
Total = Price + Shipping + PP Fees
I accept Paypal only
I do not accept trades and partial trades
Haggling is not ok, unless you plan to spend more than $100.
Payment is due within 24 hours.

More Info:

First to commit to an item will get priority, based on the timestamp of the post.
Holds are for 48 hours.
Backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback, please contact me if there is a problem.
All items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home
If you would like to see tag pics let me know.
Please do not edit your post, reply to them so the timestamp remains accurate.

After you receive your item if you would like feedback please let me know, and I will leave some as soon as I am able :)


(2oz) Buneary Pokedoll (JP TTO) $18
(2oz) Shinx Pokedoll ( JP TTO) SOLD!

(4oz) Tomy Tepig (JP hangtag) $15
(4oz) Tomy Noibat (US hangtag) SOLD!
(3oz) Tomy Oshawott (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(4oz) Tomy Zorua (smile) (JP hangtag) $25

(3oz) Tomy Piplup (JP hangtag) SOLD!
Tomy Goomy rumble (JP boxtag) SOLD!
(3oz) 2012 Tomy Torchic (JP hangtag) $15

(2oz) Mantyke Pokedoll (US hangtag) $25
(2oz) Cyndaquil Pokedoll (US hangtag) $30
(3oz) Diancie Pokedoll (US hangtag) $13
(2oz) Amaura Pokedoll (US hangtag) $10

(3oz) Rotom Wash Pokedoll (JP hangtag) SOLD!
Shaymin Pokedoll (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(2oz) Victini Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $25

(3oz) Shiny Genesect Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $30
(3oz) Munna Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $20
(3oz) Minccino Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $20

(2oz) Pansage Pokedoll (JP TTO) $10
(2oz) Munchlax Pokedoll (JP TTO) $15
(2oz) Ambipom Pokedoll (JP TTO) SOLD!
(2oz) Minun pokedoll (JP TTO) $10

(2oz) Gible MPC (JP hangtag) $17
(2oz) Goomy MPC (JP hangtag) $17
(2oz) Feraligatr MPC (JP hangtag) $17
(1oz) Trubbish MPC (JP hangtag) $17
(2oz) Mew Petit (JP hangtag) $18

(4oz) All-Star Dedenne (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(3oz) Meowth UFO (JP hangtag) $20
(3oz) All-Star Jigglypuff (JP hangtag) SOLD!

(3oz) PC Froakie (US hangtag) $15
PC Pikachu (US hangtag) SOLD!
(3oz) PC Pumpkaboo (Halloween US tag) $15
PC Chespin (US hangtag) SOLD!

(3oz) PC Espeon (JP hangtag) $25
PC Umbreon (JP hangtag) SOLD!
PC Jolteon (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(3oz) PC Flareon (JP hangtag) $25
(3oz) PC Glaceon (JP Hangtag) SOLD!

(3oz) Chikorita Pokedoll (US hangtag) $15
Raikou Pokedoll (US hangtag) SOLD!
(2oz) Espurr Pokedoll (US hangtag) $13

Woobat Pokedoll (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(2oz) Tympole Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $18
(2oz) Timburr Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $15

(3oz) Keldeo Pokedoll 2012 (US hangtag) $15
Skitty Pokedoll (US hangtag) SOLD!
(2oz) Bunnelby  Pokedoll (US hangtag) $13
(2oz) Dedenne Pokedoll (US hangtag) $13

(4oz) Tomy Sylveon (JP hangtag) $20

All-Star Shinx (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(4oz) All-Star Oddish (JP hangtag) $15
(6oz) All-Star Pikachu (JP hangtag) $15

(2oz) Pokemon Time Glaceon (JP Hangtag) $16
(2oz) Pokemon Time Eevee (JP Hangtag) $16
Pokemon Time Espeon (JP Hangtag) SOLD!

(9oz) Serena's Pancham Tomy plush (JP MIP) SOLD!
(4oz) Pancham Tomy (US hangtag) $13

(4oz) All-Star Charmander plush (JP hangtag) $15
(6oz) PC charizard plush (JP hangtag) $26
(6oz) PC Blastoise plush (JP hangtag) SOLD!

New Minky Mew pokedoll (US hangtag) SOLD!
All-Star Dedenne plush (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(3oz) Minky Celebi pokedoll  (US hangtag) $13

(2oz) Pansear Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $20
(2oz) Panpour Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $20
(2oz) Pansage Pokedoll (JP hangtag) $20
($50 for all three)

(2oz) Jirachi Pokedoll New version (US hangtag) SOLD!
(2oz) Manaphy Pokedoll New version (US hangtag) $13

(5oz) All-Star Clefairy (JP hangtag) SOLD!
(4oz) All-Star Oddish (JP hangtag) $15
(4oz) All-Star Ampharos (JP hangtag) SOLD!

(7oz) Pokemon Center Lapras (US hangtag) $20


Jigglypuff Amiibo US MIP $13

*All figures are 2oz unless stated otherwise*

Goodra Tomy JP MIP $10

Mega Garchomp Tomy $8
Mega Metagross Tomy $8
Mega Lucario Tomy $7
Mega Gardevoir $8

Mega Blastoise Tomy $8
Mega Venusaur Tomy $8
Mega Swampert Tomy $8
Mega Blaziken Tomy $8

Tomy Mega Mewtwo Y $6

Tomy Mega Mewtwo X $6

Tomy Gardevoir Ippai SOLD!
Tomy Mega Gardevoir $8

$8 each



Greninja SOLD!

$8 each

Mega Gengar  Sold

Mega Ampharos

Mega Mewtwo X

Froakie with Pokeball - $8

Noivern - $7

Thanks for looking!
hello bag

3DS vs 2DS


41 days until Pokemon X and Y, and I still don't have a 3DS! I'm kind of happy I waited though, there are more options now then when the 3DS was released. The 2DS was announced a few days ago, and to be honest, it looks like crap. I've never been a fan of the 3D feature on the 3DS but the design of the 2DS is too unappealing to consider.

Another addition to the DS family is the Black 3DS XL. The red and the blue models looks nice, but the black looks better than the two tone style of the others. I hope they don't release an even better looking 3DS after I buy mine, but I don't think I can wait any longer!